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Fellow Zimbabweans, Your Excellencies, Members of the Diplomatic Community, Honourable Members of Parliament, Mayors and Councillors, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is an honour for me to present AGENDA 2020 which defines the year 2020 as the decisive year for dealing with the broad challenges facing the nation.

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It is with great pleasure, that we present, our roadmap, and signpost for the democratisation of Zimbabwe and for the construction of a sustainable Zimbabwe following our successful congress that was held in May 2016.

It has become so clear to us that Zimbabwe is burning. That Zimbabwe is in the throes of a serious political and social economic crisis. Under these circumstances it is important that we provide the necessary leadership to take our country forward.

I have no doubt in my mind that Zimbabwe is heading for an implosion. To avoid this implosion, we must take bold steps. To avoid this implosion, we need a new paradigm, a new narrative and a new discourse involves pressure, it involves dialogue, it involves the implementation of a comprehensive reform agenda.

President Nelson Chamisa, 11th July 2019

In order to create this New Zimbabwe we re-imagine, the transition needs to be controlled managed and directed. In managing our transition RELOAD thus presents our roadmap, and signpost for a future Zimbabwe. The road map entails five key signposts which are the following:

  1. Pressure (Political and Diplomatic): Advocacy and mobilization of all progressive and democratic forces to build national consensus on the resolution of the national crisis.

  2. National Dialogue: credible, bankable, legitimate process of dialogue fully guaranteed by the international community with specific deliverables, benchmarks and timelines through a mutually agreed and acceptable facilitator.

  3. National Transitional Mechanism: Agreement on an implementing a framework on the agreed positions. This should be done through a national transitional mechanism whose terms in detail are to be agreed.

  4. Comprehensive Reform Agenda: The implementation and rolling out of a comprehensive agenda, on the Five Point Plan detailed below.

  5. Free and Fair Elections: Under International Supervision: Electoral reforms are so key to break the vicious cycle and troop of hugely contested elections we must hold free, fair, legitimate, credible and sound elections under international supervision.

Unpacking the 5 pillars of the SMART Pledge

The SMART policies are unique in that they are growth-oriented and they address the needs of the private sector (the business community), the diaspora, civil society, labour and the informal sector. Hence the New Zimbabwe pledge for Sustainable and Modernisation Agenda for Real Transformation (SMART) is a homegrown economic blueprint for a New Zimbabwe. It pursues a transformative agenda that rests on 5 pillars, namely:

  1. SMART Governance, Nation Building and the Consensus State
  2. SMART Sustainable, Shared and Inclusive Economy
  3. SMART Citizen Rights, Interests and Protection
  4. SMART Social Justice and Delivery
  5. SMART Reconstruction and remodelling of the country’s infrastructure.

The SMART pledge demonstrates our commitment to a developmental state that will honestly deliver socio-economic transformation premised on the promotion of prosperity and equal opportunities for all Zimbabweans. This pledge will boost production, jobs, economic stabilization, confidence building and transformation.