MDC UK & Ireland Provincial Executive Meeting highlights 29 February 2020

The MDC UK & Ireland Province held its first Provincial Executive Meeting of 2020 in Woking on Saturday, 29 February.

The Provincial Executive meeting deliberated on a number of issues which included commitment to supporting the party’s 2023 elections, rural visibility strategy and Binga floods recovery.

The Provincial Executive and Portfolio Secretaries presented their progress reports with highlights from the Provincial Organising Secretary who informed leaders the UK & Ireland Province performed well in 2019 launching 5 branches within and across Europe, we celebrate the success and appreciate the efforts of the Provincial Organising department.

Last year, the Province supported the launch of 2 Europe branches in Sweden and Republic of Ireland. It was reported that a further 2 branches would be opening in the Republic this year.  In the UK 3 branches launched namely, Wales, Edinburgh and Cambridge.

The Elections Secretary presented the MDC Alternative Electoral Bill Principles for Reliable, Inclusive and Credible Elections (PRICE), launched by President Chamisa on 27th February. This alternative bill outlines the principles that have been identified by the party as part of the solution to the problem areas of the elections process in the country. This bill is in sync with the National Constitution. It is noted that the Electoral Act of Zimbabwe has been amended at least more than four times but despite these amendments the Act fails to adequately guarantee an even electoral playing field that delivers credible electoral outcomes that have integrity. The Secretary went further to talk the meeting through the strategy implementation matrix 2019-2023 as well as appealed to the Province to rally behind the fundraising efforts of the Elections department. Well done to the Elections Secretary for the dedicated focus on the elections strategy.

The meeting also heard from the Communications department who presented an interactive short session on ‘What’s our Purpose’, this session sought to engage the leaders to reflect on the individual roles they play in the Province as well as a collective team and how they contribute to impact the party’s overall objective to free Zimbabwe from the tyranny that is Zanu-PF and lead to the creation of a new prosperous Zimbabwe. The department highlighted its on-going relationship building and engagement with the media. The session ended by celebrating the progress of the department including District Communications successes.

The Chair in concluding his report called for unity. This resonates with President Advocate Chamisa’s Hope for a Nation address made on 20 November 2019 where he called for and expressed the importance of unity.  In order to realise our objective, the Provincial leadership need to be united to work together for the good of Zimbabwe.

Social Media engagement

The Communications department thanked the Communications secretaries across all wings for supporting to raise the party’s profile and drew attention to the outstanding Leicester Branch who have demonstrated dedication and commitment to disseminating information very quickly both on their Facebook page and Twitter handle. A big thank you for all your efforts, it is much appreciated.

We also appreciate the following branches/wings for their presence and efforts on social media.

SE District Women’s Assembly

South-end branch blog

London Branch



MDC UK & Ireland Youth Assembly

Zimbabwe – Upcoming By-elections 2020 

14 March, Chimanimani East, Ward 17 by-election

All the best to our candidate Erasmus Brightwell Muranda

MDC UK & Ireland Province Communications Department