Mr & Mrs Tamangani, parents of Hilton Tafadzwa Tamangani who died in a Zimbabwe Police cell, 18 October 2019 attend Dr Morgan Tsvangirai Memorial

The late Tafadzwa Hilton Tamangani’s family joined the MDC UK and Ireland Province memorial service for the late DR Morgan Tsvangirai on Saturday, 15th February.

Tafadzwa Hilton was brutally assaulted by the Zimbabwe Police & died in a prison cell in remand on 18th October 2019. Our young hero taken away from his family and friends so soon, his future snatched by a cruel, heartless regime.

It was a delight to receive Mr and Mrs Tamangani and family to our event on Saturday.

Mr Tamangani shared their family anguish and pain at losing their much loved son.

The family called for unity and togetherness to continue the fight for freedom.

It was a very sad and sombre moment hearing the pain and ache in Hilton Tafadzwa Tamangani’s mother and father as their spoke about their loss