Celebrating the life of an icon Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai: 1952 – 2018

Today on the Morgan Tsvangirai Day, 14th February, the MDC Leadership, members and friends join together with the Tsvangirai family to remember and celebrate an icon, the founding President of the MDC who brought international attention to the ongoing dictatorship in Zimbabwe.

This Movement has become the strongest opposition in the country’s history.

Over the years as President of the MDC, he was charged with treason over allegations that he was attempting to assassinate the then President, the late Robert Mugabe who was widely believed to win by rigging elections. Dr Tsvangirai was arrested countless times and charged with treason three times over the years and acquitted. He suffered brutal beatings at the hands of the State security personnel.

Despite the intimidation, threats and the arrests, Dr Tsvangirai never wavered, he remained focused and determined to bring about change in Zimbabwe.

Dr Tsvangirai played an important role, the first person to ever do so in Zimbabwe at huge scale, bringing international attention to the human rights abuses and the ongoing dictatorship in Zimbabwe.  He was the only serious rival of Robert Mugabe for 20 years and campaigned until the end for a better country with greater democracy and transparency.

His message was always one of reform, democracy and empowerment. His legacy of standing up to Robert Mugabe was indeed astounding, against a man who had the country’s security, machinery and wealth under his control.  Dr Tsvangirai had integrity, the trust of the people and a deep love for the freedom of Zimbabwe and its people.

He will always be remembered with deep respect and love for the legacy he left behind:  Courage to continue fighting for change: Hope for a better Zimbabwe.

MDC UK & Ireland Communications Department