President Advocate Nelson Chamisa shares his birthday message, 2 February

I have already begun building a foundation, The Nelson Chamisa Foundation and writing books. I have written four books yet to be published and released.

My rural home in Gutu shall be my retirement home. Where I was born, there I shall retire and there I shall finally rest. We must all be our best then rest. I must retire before I tire and get tired.

I thank and love God, the Overseer of the universe, the Master and Judge of this world. God is my creator and I am HIS. I am a composition of God’s grace and a fine definition of HIS infinite mercies. I believe in The Lord Jesus Christ as the King and saviour of my life and indeed all lives.

I thank Jehovah for giving me the chance of life and yet showing me the best and greatest of life. Before we all go back to the maker, we must strive to make the world a better place and the human life worthwhile. All this, for God’s glory.

For the journey thus far, I thank Thoko my wife, Kudzaishe A, my son, my parents and the entire family for their magnanimity to share me with the world.

I also profoundly salute all of you friends, my earth-mates in this world. Leadership is no easy enterprise. You encourage and support me. You continue to make me the person I am.

You perfect my imperfections, you polish my blemishes, you correct my mistakes, and you subsidize my inadequacies. More importantly, and in all circumstances, you dwarf my shortcomings.

Friends, the best is yet to come. Better days are coming!!

To Whom Much is Given, Much Will Be Required. To whom much is given, much will be expected (Luke 12:48)

God bless you.

Excellence, Difference, Brilliance!


Nelson Chamisa,
Under my hand, this 2nd February 2020