Job Sikhala, Deputy National Party Chairman and MP for Zengeza West; and Charlton Hwende, party Secretary General and MP for Kuwadzana East are being targeted by the Zimbabwean despotic regime for exercising their democratic rights enshrined under Zimbabwe constitution. Both targeted for being high profile leadership of MDC the main opposition party, both are being charged with subversion, “Undermining the office of the president by advocating for the removal of an elected president”. Sikhala trial is 3 February while Hwende is 28 February 2020.

We appeal to the international community, International media and multi-lateral progressive agencies to put pressure on Mnangagwa regime to stop persecuting the legally constituted main opposition party, and to demand the following:

  1. To immediately cease to target opposition leadership
  2. To demand a fair trial and put the regime under scrutiny.
  3. To restore the rule of law and apply the law without impartiality
  4. To respect democratic space and human rights in accordance with UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and SADC Charter on Fundamental Human Rights
  5. To stop the wanton violation of human rights against civic society, citizens and opposition

This communique is a plea to act in the interest of free and fairer Zimbabwe that respect the rights of all its citizens, the rule of law and respect the democratic space in accordance with the 2013 constitution of Zimbabwe.

By Elliot Pfebve, EU and UK Envoy.

Email: epfebve@