Cde Lovemore Matombo- A Hero par excellence!

We have lost a gallant fighter, a champion of the working class struggles, a Democrat and a towering figure in the fight for democracy. I knew Cde Lovemore Matombo from our days as student leaders. The organic struggles of students and workers were always intertwined like strands of spaghetti.

Cde Lovemore Matombo was one of the Vice Presidents of the ZCTU elected at the Congress held at University of Zimbabwe in 1985. He served his term and then proceeded to University and did his Masters. He then was elected President of the Posts and Telecommunications of Zimbabwe just before being elected the President of the ZCTU in 2001 at the Masvingo Congress where Dr MR Tsvangirai and G. Sibanda handed over the leadership.

Cde Lovemore Matombo led the glorious movement, the ZCTU until 2011. He at the same time continued to lead the Communications Union. I particularly remember when he used to participate in numerous meetings I had with workers from the Communications union when I was Minister of ICT during the Inclusive government. I also used to enjoy his progressive understanding of dialectical materialism in articulating and locating working class struggles. He was an articulate leader and a clear thinker. His May Day speeches, being the oxygen to the workers’ struggles, were a constant source of inspiration and mobilization.

Cde Matombo was an active member of the SATUC as the leader of the ZCTU. Cde Matombo was also a Board member of the Labour Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe(LEDRIZ) and sat in the Telecommunications international Trade Secretariat. Cde Matombo was the leader of the ZCTU Committee that set in Tripartite Negotiating Forum (TNF)on all issues that affected Labour and society at large until his retirement in 2011.He participated in many ILO Conferences as a lead delegate of the ZCTU.
The country has lost a great son of the Labour Movement and certainly a great revolutionary.

Our sincere condolences are extended to the Matombo family. May God comfort them during this grieving moment for such a sad loss of father.

The struggle continues!

Rest In Peace Cde Matombo(MaStones)

Nelson Chamisa
MDC President