MDC President, Adv Chamisa addresses Harare Leadership as the party declares 14 February Tsvangirai day.

In one of the best messages delivered to the Harare Leadership Mentor symposium on Tuesday evening, 26th November 2019, the President of the Movement for Democratic Change, Adv Nelson Chamisa started by informing the party faithful who included National Executive members resident in Harare, all Harare Metropolitan MPs and Cllr’s, Harare Provincial leadership that the party had resolved to set aside the 14th of February every year as Tsvangirai day, specifically to remember and celebrate the history, the love and courageous life of a great iconic founding President of the MDC.

Dr Morgan Richard died on the 14th of February 2018.

Adv Chamisa in his address talked on a lot of issues regarding leadership. He touched on the ten traits of a smart people’s representative in terms of Credibility, Ability, incorruptability, Accountability, Responsibility, Accessibility, Availability, Visibility, Simplicity as well as Humility.

The President reiterated that the traits of a great leader who together with the cadres and supporters in a community are able to energize, systematize and organize in order to mobilise, radicalize and educate the people.

According to President Chamisa, it is important for the party to know its zones of the struggle, that is the street, parliament, local authorities, media, state, diplomacy, courts and lastly winning and attaining power to transform the people’s lives and modernise Zimbabwe.

The President went on to say an effective leader is the one who is always visible in the community, leading the people’s issues in order to fulfil their expectations which they genuinely and generally deserve.

Fani Munengami
MDC Harare Spokesperson
Cell:+263 772698383

27th November 2019