MDC UK and Ireland Province Statement in response to the brutal actions by the Police at MRT House today: Hope of the Nation Address (HONA) 20 November 2019

The MDC UK & Ireland Province stands in solidarity with the MDC National Press statement issued in response to the events that took place today.

The MDC UK & Ireland Province strongly condemns the Police brutality at MRT House where supporters of the MDC had gathered to hear President Chamisa deliver the Hope of the Nation Address (HONA). This was a peaceful gathering with people expectantly waiting to hear a message of hope and way forward for Zimbabwe.

In a live streaming shared on social media, the Police were seen using batons, tear gas and water cannons to beat up and disperse the supporters with many people sustaining serious injuries. This kind of barbaric brutality is totally unacceptable in Zimbabwe and should not be tolerated nor allowed to continue. In a truly shocking move, the Police also attacked journalists.

Today’s disproportionate use of force against peaceful and unarmed citizens is a real demonstration of the brutality of Zanu PF and its total disregard for the Rule of Law, it has effectively closed any notion that democracy exists in Zimbabwe. The Government continues to ignore human rights provisions in the country’s 2013 constitution.

Based on the continuous human rights abuses, it is evident that the country is under siege from a Zanu PF dictatorship that uses its privileged position gained through the use of violent armed forces, the Military Police, State Security and the Zimbabwe National Army.

We implore the UN, AU, EU and all other International bodies to reprimand the Mnangagwa administration for not paying attention to the dictates of the UNDHR and other international statutes guaranteeing people’s fundamental freedoms.

Zimbabweans are in a state of shock at the trampling of their rights and civil liberties and are appealing to the whole world to extricate them from the jaws of this repression

MDC UK & Ireland Province

Communications Department

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