Attack on Citizens Exposes Harsh Brutality of the ED led Illegitimate Regime

The MDC strongly condemns the sheer brutality and high handed manner in which the police forcefully dispersed the citizens who had lawfully gathered outside the MDC headquarters this morning

Scores of peaceful citizens and some journalists were seriously injured today at the hands of the brutal police force.

The fact that the police brutally attacked the citizens in full view of the journalists and diplomats clearly proves beyond reasonable doubt that there is nothing really new about the so called ‘New Dispensation’

On the contrary, the brutality of the police today has only served to emphasise that the illegitimate regime is even more repressive than all the previous regimes.

Indeed, there is no doubt that the illegitimate regime is now clearly worse off than both the old Mugabe and Smith led regimes.

The MDC urges all the people of Zimbabwe not to be intimidated at all by this brutal show of repressive force by the illegitimate regime.

Like all other similarly oppressive regimes across Africa and the world over, this illegitimate regime will soon collapse.

No repressive regime has ever survived the collective power of a united and resilient people.

Enough is enough!

The time has come for all progressive forces of Zimbabwe to unite under one banner of the *Free Zimbabwe Campaign* and peacefully protest against this increasingly brutal illegitimate regime.

It is time for all progressive forces of Zimbabwe to unite and start actively exercising their legitimate right to protest peacefully as guaranteed by Section 59 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

The time is now!

MDC: Change that Delivers

Daniel Molokele
MDC Spokesperson
071 372 6552

The MDC is more than ready