Today’s By-elections Chocking in the Usual Malpractice Darkhole

Just like the 2018 elections, the subsequent by-elections have been marred by serious electoral malpractices. Regrettably, several attempts by the MDC to engage ZEC, have not surprisingly, failed to any positive results.

Indeed, it is evident to the MDC, that both the by-elections in Tsholotsho and Wedza will not be spared.

Tens of letters later, intimidation of voter’s through village heads continue.

A declaration of resettlement areas as no go areas for the MDC continue to stuff out right to campaign as well the right of citizens to make political choices in line with section 67 of the Constitution.

We therefore place it on record that the election environment is still characterised by closure of democratic space and abuse of state entities to the benefit of ZANUPF.

ZEC continues to look the other way where complains are raised.

Clear electoral fraud, bribery and criminal abuse of office by Obadiah Moyo was ignored, resultantly ZANUPF has found an incentive to continue on that path.

The run up to today’s by- elections at Tsholotsho was full of abuse of State institutions to ZANUPF’s advantage including biased distribution of food aid.

The long and short of it is that the by-election results will without doubt reflect a dividend of lack of holistic electoral reform.

ZEC had no capacity to run a credible election it must be disbanded, reconstituted and allow Zimbabwe to be on a new path towards a cure of the crisis of legitimacy which is causing unpalatable suffering of the masses.

It is no longer an MDC issue, but a national one; electoral reforms are urgent.

This also explains why the MDC, through its RELOAD strategy, is insisting that until comprehensive reforms are conducted; elections results will never be a true reflection of the Zimbabwean voters.

Jacob Mafume
MDC Secretary for Elections

Saturday 9th November 2019