Zimbabweans in the UK & Ireland march for Freedom, Democracy and Justice, 25th October 2019 #ItsNotSanctions

Zimbabweans in the UK from different civic organisations joined up on Friday, 25th October to send a message to SADC & Zanu-PF’s ‘no sanctions march’ and to remind them that ‘Its not Sanctions’ that have crippled Zimbabwe’s growth or development.

The worsening situation in Zimbabwe today is a political crisis. The ED Mnangagwa administration which came into power in November 2017 and in 2018 and was declared President by ZEC and the Concourt has failed dismally.

The economy has plunged further with hyperinflation at 288.50% (Aug 2019), we know one of the causes of this is govt printing money in response to high national debt, price controls which exacerbate shortages and lack of confidence in govt, economy and political life.

The SADC ‘No sanctions’ march took place across different towns in Zimbabwe, it was a sad spectacle. People stayed home despite being enticed by T-shirts (which some later fought over, very sad indeed); free food, transport, with the Zanu PF elites getting free petrol coupons. There was some fighting over the coupons too as the Zanu PF MPs were left out.

As people tried to leave the charade of a march, they were assaulted by Police on horseback. Human rights violations are in the DNA of the regime, they can’t help it.

So, in the end, this was a march attended by Zanu PF leaders and civil servants – giving each other freebies. The March is estimated to have cost US$4m and yet they can’t afford to pay Doctors or equip hospitals.

On 25th March 2019, the people of Zimbabwe sent out a message to the regime, enough is enough, they can no longer be fooled or taken for granted by handfuls of unhealthy meals.

Meanwhile in the UK Zimbabweans (from as far as Scotland) marched going to the different SADC embassies handing out petitions and asking them to stand with the long suffering Zimbabweans instead of siding with Zanu-PF.

Zimbabwe needs change. It needs new leadership who have the capability to take the country forward.

MDC @20 years celebrating ‘Courage, Growth and People’s Victories’

Patricia Chinyoka
MDC UK and Ireland Spokesperson