The MDC Thanks All Who Voted for the Party Across Three By-elections in Masvingo North, Mangwe and Glenview South

The MDC expresses its total appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to all the thousands of voters who voted against the odds of intimidation and rampant vote buying, which was prevalent in all the three by-elections at Masvingo North, Mangwe and Glen View South.

In particular, the MDC congratulates the people of Glen View South for the defending our zone of democratic autonomy. 

We also congratulate all those in Mangwe and Masvingo North who voted for us for putting up a brave fight under the most difficult of circumstances.

Further, we would like to reiterate our demand for comprehensive reforms for our entire electoral system in Zimbabwe.

It is our considered strong view that until there is a total overhaul of our electoral system, it will always be difficult for our people to elect a truly most popular candidate.

Indeed, the recent by-elections have only served to further reinforce all our concerns.

In particular, we noted the following issues that we will continue to fight against:

1.State media bias in respect of which none of our candidates or their campaigns got any coverage

  1. A Biased Electoral Commission, which refused to take any action against ZANU PF’s unrepentant violation of Electoral laws.
  2. Continued abuse of state institutions to the advantage of ZANU PF and its candidates.
  3. Chaotic voters rolls with clear discrepancies between the ones given to our candidates and the ones used on actual voting day.
  4. Worrying numbers of people turned away or redirected on polling day.
  5. Differences between the voter’s roll posted outside the polling station and the one inside the station.
  6. Failure to provide information as required by the law including the printer is ballots, the number of printed ballots and the distribution thereof.

The latest by-elections only served to highlight the need for comprehensive reform. 

Indeed, the recommendations of observer missions are far from being achieved, court orders have not been complied with; among other longstanding issues of serious concern.

In the final analysis, it is our strong contention that the crisis of legitimacy is at the centre of our Economic suffering; and only a free and fair election process will decisively cure it.

Going forward, the MDC takes practical lessons for strategies for future elections.

We also remain open to public observations and recommendations following the three by-elections.

Jacob Mafume

MDC Secretary for Elections