NSSA corruption an indictment on Mnangagwa government

The NSSA scandal is an indictment on the Mnangagwa government that it is rotten to the core and it cannot self-correct.

As the MDC, we applaud ZACC’s apprehension of one suspect in the person of Prisca Mupfumira, but we firmly believe a complete overhaul of the institution is required in the wake of reports that some dockets have gone missing at the corruption watchdog.

At the centre of the effects of the NSSA scandal is the failure by the institution to honour its obligations on pensions. After decades of hard work and deductions, retirees become paupers due to the avarice of Zanu PF goons who seek to profit at the expense of the impoverished workers.

We restate the position we make in our SMART document that there is need for serious pension reform. There must be a clear separation between the investment arm of NSSA and the wing that deals with the administration of pensions. Internal and external governance mechanisms and investment controls must be put in place in order to isolate pension reserve funds effectively from undue political influence.

The core business of NSSA funds is to pensioners and not to connected oligarchs and political elites. The MDC is committed to fighting corruption which puts a huge premium not only on the pensions but on the economy as a whole.

The following suggestions will help combat corruption:

(i) Introduction of criminal sanctions for all corruption related offenses especially for public officials

(ii) Provision of and setting up special criminal courts to deal with corruption and economic crimes.

(iii) The right and mechanism for a direct recall of elected officials by the electorate.

(iv) Mandatory declaration of assets for public officials.

(v) Establishing, strengthening and institutionalizing the National Economic Crimes Inspectorate (NECI).

(vi) Regular State sanctioned life-style audits.

(vii) Limited Terms of office for all senior public executives including heads of State enterprises and parastatals.

(viii) Strengthening transparency mechanisms on State procurement including the introduction of public bidding on major public tenders.

(ix) Increased access to information for citizens including publication of terms and conditions of public and public- guaranteed contracts.

(x) Strengthened oversight role for parliament in all public enterprise.

(xi) Strengthened oversight role for the Civic Society and the Media.

An MDC government will also strengthen institutions that are key in combating corruption in the country. Focus will be on the following institutions whose independence shall be sacrosanct:

(a) Anti-Corruption Commission
(b) National Prosecuting Authority
© The Judiciary
(d) Zimbabwe Revenue Authority
(e) Auditor-General’s Office
(f) Zimbabwe Republic Police
(g) National Economic Crimes Inspectorate (NECI)

The MDC is committed to an efficient, corruption-free civil service whose primary objective is to serve the citizens.

MDC: Change that Delivers.

Maureen Kademaunga
Secretary for Public Service and Social Welfare

30 July 2019